Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hillary and Palin on SNL

-- For anyone who didn't see last Saturday's SNL skit. This had to be the funniest political skit so far.

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Je'Amour(Betty) said...

"How" brilliant but true, I will vote for McCain/Palin because I am a feminist, "No Self Respecting Women Should Wish or Work for a party who ignores her sex...

Anonymous said...

I was a Hillary supporter, but I will vote for McCain/Palin in 2008.

I am not comfortable to see Hillary and Bill come out to support Mr. Obama. It looks too politics to me. I am aware that both Hill/Bill can say or do whatever they want, but I will not give my vote for Mr. Obama.

beth said...

I'm not supporting Obama because Hillary told me to.

I backed Hillary in the first place because I thought her vision and her politics were best for this country.

I'm backing Obama now because unlike McCain, he shares many if not most of those visions and ideas, as evidenced not just by his campaign rhetoric, but by his Senate record:


Anonymous said...

To the first poster, je-amour(betty): no self-respecting "feminist" would vote for a ticket that will put women back 100 years.

At least if you vote for Obama, Hillary Clinton would actually have a voice in Congress. Get on the ball.

Rockin Robin said...

I disagree. Hillary will have a voice either way.

pumawhisper said...

I am a Hillary supporter, but no Obama.

How can any respecting democrat vote democratic after the way DNC stole the election from Hillary frauduently. How can you reward or validate crookedness and put party before country.

Vote for McCain.

Anonymous said...

Am a Hillary supporter.It does not matter who wins the presidency,I have faith in Hillary Clinton & the issues she stands for.

I was disappointed with how the Democrats chose Obama over Hillary for the wrong reasons. In my opinion, Clinton's supporting Obama because they do share almost the same vision for our country. I respect Hillary Clinton for the way she ran her campaign & her diplomacy & commitment to the people. She had to look past her own disappointment with her own party to work on giving us back the America 8years ago.

Experience & competence-wise,I still don't believe Obama will make a great president.