Thursday, September 11, 2008

Steinem Does Not Speak For Me

--Gloria Steinem does not speak for me.

The feminist blew it this year. They had plenty of time to pull together and come to Hillary's side but they did not. Meanwhile, Obama's camp and the media did nothing but belittle women.

Now Steinem may mean well but we have two choices;

1. Vote for Obama to preserve women's rights even though his campaign, the democratic party and the media showed nothing but disdain for women. How ironic.


2. Vote for McCain as a way to let remind our party that if they don't care about our votes during the primaries, then we'll take our vote somewhere else.

To me, Palin is a bonus.

We don't all share the same values and that should be okay.

My values are based in principle. Steinem's values are based in the past. She and her community of women with strap ons blew it. By asking me to support the party that abused women in the first place is like asking me to stay in an abusive marriage in order to protect women's rights.

Uh, I don't think so. It's my "right" to JustSayNoDeal

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Anonymous said...

I could not agree more. The women's rights issues is a scare tactic. John McCain and Sarah Palin cannot on their own change Roe V Wade or another progress we have made but we cannot support a party that does not respect women and also one which is not ethical. They broke their own rules to select Obama and with Pelosi, Brazile and other female enablers put forth an unexceptable candidate. If we continue to support this party we will find it difficult to continue to advance women's rights and as Hillary said Human Rights. It is not a matter of women against men, it is advancement for all humanity. Gloria Steinem had helped pave the way for many of us but she apparently has lost her focus.

beth said...

On their own? No. But the next president will likely be nominating 2 or more Supreme Court Justices - and that WILL directly affect Roe v. Wade (which currently hangs by a one-vote thread).

Now of course, as voters we may decide that other issues are more important than reproductive rights. But you can't deny that who we pick for our next president will determine whether the Court continues to uphold Roe.

Maria said...

I am also appalled at Gloria Steinem. The nerve of this woman to say this and help elect a person who no one knows for sure what he stands for. I still don't believe he is a true American. Today in New York Senator McCain was there with Mrs. McCain and where was Michele Obama? She is not a true American thats for sure. Mccain and Palin for 08

Rockin Robin said...

my vote will not be determined by roe v. wade

beth said...

"my vote will not be determined by roe v. wade"

As I said, that's a fair decision to make (and I"m certainly not assuming that all Democrats and Hillary supporters are Pro-choice).

But that's not the same as saying electing McCain/Palin won't affect Roe/reproductive rights.

Anonymous said...

After decades supporting equality in all forms, gender, race, etc., it was the last straw to hear Obamacrats insinuating that Hillary supporters had to be racists, if they did not or would not support Obama. Sorry but slander like that will not be rewarded with my vote. One more thing, in my extended family, many members are at heart Democrats, except on the issue of Roe vs Wade. When its over, the Obama Dems will hear this phrase for the first time: "those who ignore history, are doomed...".

darrell reed said...

Ladies I'm not a woman so I can't tell you how to feel about the roe vs. wade,but as a man I say vote your head and not your heart.I support choice because no man or government should be able to tell a woman what to do with her own body.I did not see what Steinem had written but knowing of her past it had to be a duzzy.I feel if Obamination is elected we will suffer more than just a possible loss of roe vs wade.Under normal circumstances I would never consider voting for a republican,but this situation is not normal,it has fallen to you ladies of the democratic party to save the party and the country.I have this gut feeling about obamination that I had when Bush was running and I was right.And I know I'm right about obamination,ladies was Michelle Obama at ground zero? ask yourself is this the kind of unpatriotic woman we want in the white house I don't and I hope you don't.What I said about you women saving the country is not meant to be a joke or taken lightly,I'm very serious,unlike me many men support obamination.

beth said...

Speaking only for myself - Roe is certainly not the only reason I'm voting for Obama. I'm voting for Obama because his politics, position on the issues and voting record in the Senate are far, far closet to Hillary's than McCain is - and I backed Hill based on issues I cared about.

In fact, looking at their records, Obama and Hill are closer than McCain and Bush, and that's saying something.

I addressed Roe, because the original post and the first comment did.

Anonymous said...

Let's not tear ourselves apart-Pumas. We have a bond-Our great love and admiration for Hillary. She has asked us to support Obama. I was sick to my stomich at first,but now I believe she is right. Obama will have the aid of the Clintons and Biden and he is promoting Hillary's health plan. He is a Democrat and he and Hillary agree on the same issues. To me, he is the closest candidate to Hillary and I trust Hillary-Don't you? We need to hold the DNC accountable-but not at our and the rest of the country's sake! I do not want to suffer any longer under the Republicans!

Rockin Robin said...


Are you actually suffering? And if so, what are you suffering from that is specific to Republicans?

Anonymous said...

Rockin' Robin-
I have a nephew in Iraq: a direct result of Republican lies. He will be reassigned shortly to Afghanistan: a direct result of Republican failures. I am jobless and without healthcare, trying to get screened for breast cancer (I have a lump in the left one) but can't because I'm under 40 and can't pay for the exam: that's Republican "bootstrap" economics, lack of healthcare and cutting of social programs. Luckily *so far* we've kept our home. Is that enough? These are all things that McCain supports and Obama does not. I may never vote Republican again.

texaslatina said...

anonymous- you are not a puma, so do you dare pretend that you are! although my heart goes out to you for your struggles, we all have our cross to bear. but, you are no PUMA! so quit your lying. and go to your obama loving facist sites and leave this one alone. i totally agree w/darell and rockin robin. roe vs wade is the least of my worries. having a country left if osama is elected is a far greater worry.

Anonymous said...

"I have a nephew in Iraq: a direct result of Republican lies"

Although the Bush administration lies to the country, the senators both Democrats and Republicans voted for it, with one exception--Mr. Obama did not for the Iraq war-this is because he was not in the Senate at the time. Please stop giving credit to Mr. Obama for not voting for war.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad everyone is SO concerned about the Supremes and Roe v Wade. Because LOOK at the horrible Justices who have been recently appointed: Thomas, Alito, Roberts? Oh...wait. Didn't DEMOCRATS vote to approve their appointments? What makes you think D's will do a DAMN thing to prevent Roe v Wade from being overturned? It is virtually impossible to terminate a pregnancy in SO many states right now, Roe is almost a joke. Democrats are going to protect choice and prevent your child from "being punished" with an unwanted pregnancy (in the words of our brilliant Democratic candidate)? Get a grip!

beth said...

"What makes you think D's will do a DAMN thing to prevent Roe v Wade from being overturned?"

Because of the kind of Justices a Democratic president is likely to nominate. And as recent battles have shown, once nominated, it's extremely difficult to prevent confirmation.

Yes, abortion access is horribly limited as it is now - but it'll go from slim to nil in a large number of states if Roe is overturned.

Particularly if we haven another 4 (or more) years with an administration that does everything in it's power to support anti-choice public health policy.

Rockin Robin said...

"Yes, abortion access is horribly limited as it is now - but it'll go from slim to nil in a large number of states if Roe is overturned.

Particularly if we haven another 4 (or more) years with an administration that does everything in it's power to support anti-choice public health policy."

One thing we all know is that we don't know ~

None of us can assert truths about future outcome because we really don't know. Yet we continue to make claims like this.

Bush didn't overturn Roe v. Wade. And I keep hearing 4 more years of (blah blah).

Tell me one thing that you are suffering from because of this government?

As for anonymous who has a son in Iraq. Was he dragged into the military? Did the MPs bang down his door and force him to go to Iraq?


You are not a victim of the government.

I have news for you ~ the government is taking care of people ~ ESP. with cancer ~ but you need to get to a hospital. They can direct you.

Do not sit on your couch thinking that you "know" our current government won't help you. They will and the hospitals have access to supporting you.

Trust me. I support cancer patients all the time in this manner.

beth said...

"Bush didn't overturn Roe v. Wade. And I keep hearing 4 more years of (blah blah). "

His Court appointees have come damn close, in case you missed their last ruling on the matter.

And his administration has cut funding for family planning (cuts that John McCain supported and Obama opposed, by the way), and done everything it could to make sure access to even accurate INFORMATION about abortion, forget access to the procedure itself.

Like Clinton, Obama voted against the nominaiton of Roberts and Alito, and has supported legislation to fund or provide tax relief for family planning.

McCain is pretty much the polar opposite. If you're prolfe, and oppose even efforts to prevent the need for abortion by providing access to accurate sex education and birth control, McCain/Palin is your ticket, and you should vote for them.

But if you so, I can't imagine why you were supporting Hillary Clinton in the first place.

Anonymous said...

People rights is the issue. I will not sit back and cosign or reward what the dnc, msm, obots have done with my democracy. I simply will not allow dean, brazile & co. to have their way using the scare card. I am not as afraid of Mccain as I am of the dem party now. I thought the dems were the good ones. HELLO-OOO IMO, Steinem blew it.
Mccain Palin 08
HRC RKjr. 12