Thursday, September 18, 2008

Video Forum on Women’s Issues with Hillary


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Anonymous said...

I have watched Hillary's UTube videos over and over and really believe her to be truthful and sincere but I believe she is only being a "good" democrat. This video forum is only pandering to women. Obama and his campaign have already dismissed women. He and his supporters Brazile, Pelosi, Dean and Reid care nothing about women, other than their votes now in this close contest,or they would not have played the race/sex cards in the primary. The uppermost issue in this campaign, in my mind, is the degredation of the democratic party and because of that I will be voting for McCain/Palin in November. I cannot believe in my heart that the Clintons believe that Obama is capable of guiding this country or that they do not bristle at the dishonesty of McCaskill and others who benefited from the Clintons' support. My loyalty is with Hillary Clinton and know that she will continue to strive to pass legislation that will benefit the people but I cannot vote for Obama.

Rockin Robin said...

too bad its not a Hillary/Biden ticket

Anonymous said...

I will not vote for Mr.Obama either. I however feel very uncomfortable in seeing Hillary come out and support Mr. Obama ( a person who is not qualified for this high position). At first, I thought that she had to do it because she was under pressure. Lately, I feel that she did it becasue she wanted to do it. So, from now on, Hillary is on her own, I will stick with another side (McCain/Palin) for a while.

beth said...

Don't you think writing off Hillary's actions as "only being a 'good' democrat" is kinda insulting to her intelligence - and her integrity?

Because she's not just going through the motions, or giving lip-service to the Democratic ticket, she's working HARD for it (seriously, Dean in 04 and Bradley in 00 all but vanished after they lost the nomination).

That doesn't mean you have to follow her endorsement - I admire and respect Ted Kennedy, but still voted for Hill in the primary even though he endorsed Obama - but to suggest she's faking it?

beth said...

(I was dreaming of Hillary/Richardson, myself)