Thursday, September 11, 2008


Dear Hillary Supporters,
Now that The Democratic Convention is over and Hillary is out of the presidential race for 2008, it has become clear we supporters are re-examining what is important to us in this election.
Some of you will be voting a third party
Some of you will be voting for a democratic president
Some of you will vote for McCain in protest
Some of you will not vote at all
Wherever you are is valid and your personal choice.

For anyone who is planning to vote for McCain as a move that we consider "tough love" or still in the inquiry ~ we ask that you add our new myspace page ~ DemsMoveOn ~ as well as subscribe to & bookmark our new site,
The will return to being all about Hillary. Supporting Hillary in all her future endeavors and helping those politicians that laid it all on the line to help Hillary. In the meantime, if and when Hillary runs for senate re-election, Senate Majority Leader, or for President of the United States, we will ALL be ready to support her on day one.

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Anonymous said...

I have joined DemsMoveOn.

Heather*SouthGAPassion* said...

I've added you :) Add me and let's MOVE ON! McCain/Palin '08!

HiLLGAL2008 said...

We all have....I am sick of liars in the press who call themselves journalists and all they are are rating hungry gossip liars....and the Hollywood sickos, who are having such a terrible enfluence on our children and now trying to enfluence us and thinking we care what they think and that they, these liberal immoral bunch of elitist pohonies who worry about who has the pourse for $18,000 they have been waiting for for months, and they think can convince the American people who they should vote for as a leader for our country...they need to get back to their million dollar mansions and go back to taking their crack and bar hoping and posing for the paparazzi and rest their brains and just shut the hell up and that goes for Matt Damon, Tom Cruise and Susan Saradon whoever she is, Will Smith, P.Diddy and the other filthy talking rappers, Obama and his kids listen to and....oh, least we not forget the worst financier of all, Oprah the biggest phoney of them all.... and the whole bunch of them...we made them rich and we can make them poor, that goes for all the entertainers, that's all they are and if not for us, they would be nothing...I think maybe we should think of our childrens future and try to be better at selecting their role models in the future......we made them rich for the entertainment and nothing more...let's invest our money more wisely...maybe our children can be children again and not worry about murder, makeup, anorexia, gays and every other liberal idea...I get why Hollywood is for Obama...he's one of them...a LIBERAL...only now it's secret so he can win...
Well, sorry Hussein Obama, we are with McCain...and Palin...we do have belief in our country and GOD and we don't believe as your mentor and minister Rev. Wright that we deserved 9/11...DemsMoveOn...and Hillary is on her own next time, I think I will stick with the Conservative human beings...

Anonymous said...

Today's DNC Obamacrats have done immeasurable damage to the party of Jefferson & FDR that many of us have loved for decades, just as our parents and grandparents did. With luck, eventually the DNC vote magicians will realize that the One True Savior is NOT BHObama, the political rapper who talked dirty and down to the Clintons, the only Saviors BO will pray to now. Such irony that the Clintons have what BareHack needs. BHO, get down - the DNC bus is coming!!

Herbie52 said...

Your E-Mail reminds me of a concept I had when Hillary suspended her campaign. I was a Hillary supported, and I am a big fan of Bill Clinton. Regretfully I question their recent shift in support of Barrack Obama. I think that the Democratic party has lost touch with the concerns of the American people. It seems that they are now trying to be politically, and narrowly correct in their drive for political superiority. During Hillary's decline, I began to listen to a man named Ron Paul. You ask "Who is Ron Paul?" If you followed him on the internet you would know that he has a huge following with 64,000 meet-up groups, 100,000 members on his site (dedicated to informing the American people of their constitutional rights) He also agrees with Hillary on key issues like ending the war, ending the welfare state, and securing our borders. Ron Paul goes even further into detail about wanting to end the cause of our inflation (the Federal Reserve). He also want to shut the doors to the IRS (Unconstitutional taxation-there is no law that states that we are obligated to pay Federal Tax). He also wants to stop the NAU (Condaleeza Rice's North American Union plans), TTC/Nafta Superhighway, and wants to stop policing the world, and end kingdom building. I guess you would say he would make for a great Democrat! But he is a staunch constitutionalist, who was running as a Republican. He supports right to life, gun ownership (to prevent tyranny), and want to go back to the gold standard.

The main problem with our economy is that Democrats are taking money out of our front pockets, while Republicans are pick-pocketing out of our back pockets. Inflation is cause by our deficit. Petroleum is expensive because our dollar is worth about 30 cents compared to it value in the 1970's. We need to stop the two party system. I still believe in Hillary, but I do not trust Obama. Weather his intentions are sincere, he will be relying on his advisors for direction. His inexperience will hurt America. On the other hand/ McCain is a bigger liability. 45 new nuclear reactors across America? Drilling in ANWAR, Off-shore drilling, more troops, Iran, Georgia! We need to stop the insanity, and start listening. I hope that Hillary supporters, realize that voting for McCain will not only hurt their own belief system, but it will hurt this country. If we want to protest, we need to act responsibly, and act fast! Ron Paul may not be on the ballot, but he never gave up his deligates, he never quit defending the right of the American people, and with his site he will continue to fight in congress for the restoration of our basic rights. So what would we be losing by voting for Ron Paul? One vote for Ron Paul is one less for McCain. I figured out the math, and if Hillary supporters voted for him instead of McCain, Ron Paul would beat both candidates (17.4+ 2 Million+ votes= victory for all Americans). Want to honor Hillary and help end the war? Want to restore our rights, and get rid of the Patriot Act, and FISA (McCain and Obama voted yes to FISA). Do want to stimulate our economy by ending the prime rate on your loans? Do you want your dollar to be worth more than 30 cents? Do you want a cleaner environment? Then the only thing we can do is to Write in Ron Paul on the Ballot. This will send a solid message that we are aware of the closed door tactics the government is using to drain the American people of their hard-earned money. We now understand the reasons for inflation, and the under-the-counter taxation the Republican's use to appear like their charitable. ***Our Economic Stimulus checks were actually an Economic De-Stimulus Check, because more money was printed by the Federal Reserve to cover this bill. It did not come from pre-paid Federal Tax! Our pocket are being looted without our knowledge, and the only thing we can do is to fight for our freedom back! Write in Ron Paul for President 2008!

In Liberty,

Mike Wadas

seasonedcook said...

I am so glad Hillgal2008 has got it
and the rest of you need to realize
what is real and honest in this world...We have supported the entertainment world to long. WE have taken on their values, shame on us...
and Oprah is the biggest fraud of all...I can say that because we both have the same color skin..She is the
one that got Obama to go gun ho running for president...What in the world does she know...Any one that is chasing a false God, can't have very many morals left..
This morning I saw Stephen Baldwin on C Span...he was talking about what Hollywood has done to our children...Not only that, what has Hollywood done to our politics...
I am a move on member...and I am waiting for the day when I can
vote for Hillary for President of the United States...God allow me to live that long!

Anonymous said...

This is sick. Either you agree with the Democratic platform, whomever the candidate is, or you don't. Go back to Civics 101. It's kind of like wanting to be Christian but not believing in Christ. Obama and Clinton fought a good fight. He won. She has shown more class by standing by what she believes in. Some people don't believe in anything and that includes the DemsMoveOn bunch. Clinton was the one most likely to beat the Republicans but I think she would have had a tough row to hoe with Palin. Right wingers love their wingnuts. They PREFER ignorance to knowledge.