Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Help Hillary and Sheila Jackson Lee

Calling all Clinton Dems!
Hillary will be attending a reception for Sheila Jackson Lee on September 21st in Houston Texas and they need your help! This is no ordinary fundraiser...
There appears to be an all out effort on to oust representatives that supported Hillary from their congressional seats. Sheila is one of them. 
Big money players are supporting Sheila's opponent and really putting the heat on. The "politics of personal destruction" is their game. The smear campaign is in full swing.
Sheila stood with Hillary though her entire primary run and received threats, intimidation and namecalling just for supporting her. This kind of behavior can not be rewarded! Please come to her defense by attending this Houston fundraiser.
If you can't be there, please consider donating to her campaign.
Invitation (Please RSVP):
In the Message box, please type "HOST: ANN MacNAUGHTON". 
It is important that Hillary keeps as many of her friends as possible in office to help carry out her work for the American!
Please support Sheila if you can.
Clinton Dems

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1 comment:

John said...

Ann, I think I know you from Superior Oil. Can you explain your comment about "Big money players are supporting Sheila's opponent John Faulk? My FEC record is the correct status of my fund raising.
Also your statement of "The "politics of personal destruction" is their game. The smear campaign is in full swing." You have got to be kidding. I can't get any press! I guess you are just using your attorney skills to make the best closing statement possible.

John Faulk