Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Join HillPac and help Support Hillary Supporters

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Join HillPac and help support candidates that supported Hillary and help support initiatives like Healthcare.



Anonymous said...

I was a Hillary supporter, but not anymore. I donated money to pay her debt. I am disappointed to see her and Bill come out and work for Mr. Obama. Too much of a politic move.

Good bye the Democratic Party

Woman Power said...

I, too, adore Hillary and worked hard and gave more than we could afford to make her candidacy happen.

But Hillary is now behaving as a politico. Obama has deliberated "dissed" all of us women. To paraphrase Susan B. Anthony "No self-respecting woman should work for vote for the success of a political party that ignores her sex!"

Hillary -- ignore the Democratic Party & ask for a write-in contest.
If not, women will NEVER be united again.

LoveAmerica said...

I have been a Democrat since able to vote in 1960. I am and well always be a supporter for Hillary for President. However, I do not understand how she can support the DNC after the corrupt behavior they exhibited during this campaign and unfair roll call vote and selective nominee selection. But I trust she knows what she is doing.

Having said that, I respect her right to do what she feels she has to do, but that doesn't mean I HAVE TO. I will be voting for the man who again today put his country first, John McCain.