Friday, January 16, 2009

One Last Request From Dorothy Rodham

I've been so proud watching my daughter over the past few days as she begins a new step in a life so full of accomplishment. And I know she'll continue to do great things for our country.

Now I have to ask you -- for the very last time -- to give her your help. This is our last chance to help Hillary pay down the debt from her history-making campaign.

I know how much it would mean to her to have your help this one last time. Please take this opportunity to show Hillary your support by making a contribution today.

Contribute today to help my Hillary in honor of all she's done to help our country throughout her life.

Thank you for everything you've done for Hillary -- I know you make a difference for her every day.


Dorothy Rodham

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Anonymous said...

i gave all i will ever give to the clintons when she turn coated to nobama i saw what she really was just a politican she knows he is very bad for the country ......

beth said...

I gave.

I wish we were inaugurating Hillary today.

But I'm proud to have supported her.

And I'm proud that my faith in her was validated when, having failed to secure the nomination, she put her country ahead of her ego, and campaigned for Obama. She could easily have done what so many Presidential also-rans have done and just packed up. Instead, she looked for the next-best way to champion her values and support the causes she cares about, and campaigned for the man who beat her.

She is a giant among men and women, and I will continue to support her.

Anonymous said...

OMG, Anonymous...GROW UP!
Get the pacifier out of your mouth and act like an American!

Anonymous said...

So where were you "Boo Birds" when Hillary's nomination was questioned by that idiot Sen. from Texas!?

She's the happy!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My Dad said that he doesn't believe that Hilary really is in debt, and that this is a hoax. How much debt does she owe?

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. Well MY Dad says that your Dad doesn't know what he's talking about. Not only that, he obviously raised retarded kids.

Anonymous said...

How much debt does she owe?



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