Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hillary Clinton's Goodbye Speech

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Anonymous said...

Hillary never fails to impress. It is sad to know that this person who exhueds such confidence, intelligence and hope was defeated for the presidency by such an unmatched opponent. At this time in history, we are inundated with references to the new historic presidency. We need more than a historic presidency, which many forget would have occurred with Hillary at the helm. We need a leader who conveys the real positives of America and that comes from Hillary Clinton, not Obama. While he is choosing dogs for the White House and showing his chest in Hawaii, Hillary has her nose to the grindstone preparing to take on the world. How sad that Americans put such limits on true greatness when it comes in the form of a woman. The change in this country will not come from the president but from the Secretary of State who will be held in check by a president who is not fit to shine her boots. It will be Hillary Clinton who will change the face of America not Barak Obama who is being held up as some miracle. Barak Obama should thank God that she accepted the SoS position as should the American people. It is a Hillary Clinton who comes along once in a lifetime not Obama who lines up in the middle of the pack.

Anonymous said...

she went goodbye to me when she supported nobama after knowing what he is .....

msakel said...


How can you say Hillary was "goodbye to me" after her decision to campaign for Obama? What does a responsible, committed and maturely intelligent leader do in such circumstances where her own party sabotages her with a fraudObama? Answer: A REAL LEADER LIKE HILLARY supports the final decision of her party. Working from within the party she can exert at least maximum effect influence, especially a heartbeat away from the 3:00AM call. Would you rather have that idiot Ms Rice there advising Barack? Or a left-over from the Bush butcher table of horrors? Let's not feign naivette about politics, or bemoan the inability of yet another Republican horror show, even with McCain, a seasoned, fair politico and with Gov.Palin, a mature, knowledgeable and far more executive experience than Obama...but still these two would be a repeat of the Bush Idiocy and signal the world that America hasn't learned any lessons from its horrible mismanagement of world affairs under that moron butcher, Bush!

CONGRATS, HILLARY! May all girls and women all over the world hear your words stated firmly in Bejing @ the '95 UN Conference:

"Women's rights are human rights, and human rights are...women's rights."

Yes, ma'am. It's a whole new different world out there. And Madam SOS is ready to do the job. And whilst Barack's snoring away at 3:00AM, at least we know Hillary's only a few second away. Amen.

beth said...

"Answer: A REAL LEADER LIKE HILLARY supports the final decision of her party"

I would say a real leader continues to support her values and the issues she cares about, and supporting Obama was the best way to do that.

I applaud her for not being a sore loser and just going home.

She is a courageous woman and a true leader, and I wish there were more like her.

Anonymous said...

"she went goodbye to me when she supported nobama after knowing what he is ....."

Wah-wah...somebody needs a diaper change because your post is stinking up this site.
Grow up. You weren't a REAL Hillary supporter if you're willing to throw her under the bus!

Anonymous said...

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