Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Donate For A Chance To See Barack Obama Get Sworn In As President

Here is a message from Bill Clinton on an opportunity to be flown to DC to watch Obama get sworn in.

On January 20th, Barack Obama is going to be sworn in as America's 44th President, and you can be there to witness history in the making.

It's going to be a remarkable moment when he takes the oath of office, a moment for America to come together and begin our journey down a new path. I know how much I'm looking forward to this great event, and I hope you will take advantage of this special opportunity to watch Barack Obama and Joe Biden become President and Vice-President of the United States.

The Inaugural Committee will select 10 supporters and their guests to travel to Washington and watch as the new president is sworn in. If you contribute $5 or more to the Inaugural Committee today, you could be selected as one of 10 supporters and their guests who will travel to Washington and participate in this historic Inauguration, as well as attend the welcome ceremony, the parade and an official Inaugural Ball.

Make a contribution, and you and your guest could receive a ticket to history.

You were an important part of Barack Obama and Joe Biden's victory in November. That's why I hope you will take this special opportunity to be there in Washington, D.C. on January 20th and celebrate the change you helped make possible.

As Honorary Co-Chair of the Inaugural Committee, I'm also asking for your support in making the Inauguration a great success. Just as you made a difference in the election, you can help us all get the presidency of Barack Obama off to a great start.

And by making a contribution today, you could be one of the 10 people chosen to fly to Washington with your guest to join in the Inaugural activities.

Contribute today to be a part of the historic Inauguration of Barack Obama and Joe Biden!

Our country is getting a fresh start, and you can help, by supporting the Inaugural Committee today and being part of the celebration in our Nation's Capital on January 20th!

Thanks for your help,
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton

P.S. -- For an opportunity at a ticket to history, you can also tell us what this Inaugural means to you. You don't need to donate -- just share your thoughts and you could be selected to come to Washington for this historic event.

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Anonymous said...

I realize that this is how the game is played but there is no way I would get on board. It would have been historical to have a woman president also so please do not expect me to buy into the historical aspect. Race was the reason for the outcome of this presidential election and Obama is not MY president. RACE is the new four letter word. If things are not going Obama's way the reason will be attributed to race. (See Burris) Hillary is still my hero but it galls me to see the pandering to the democratic party. I am now an independent after more than 50 years and proud of the tag.

Anonymous said...

the truth is that in order for HRC to ever have a chance at the presidency Obama's presidency has to be a huge success.
i don't think it will be. the writing is on the wall. something will get him.
i hope HRC Sec of State position is a success and she can use that to her advantage even if Obama's presidency falters.

suzieq said...

HRC was and still my candidate, I honestly have voted democrat all my life and I am 51, I am now an independent. I hope and pray that Hillary will still run in the future!

Anonymous said...

no thanks i cant stand to see or hear him it took 4 or 5 years before i couldnt stand to hear or see bush so im in deep trouble nobama is not even sworn in yet .........

Irene said...

NO, thanks! My Hillary for President t-shirt is washed, folded, and stored in my t-shirt drawer if I need it again. I would walk to DC to see Hillary take the oath! Have you noticed all the media talk about Chicago politics? Does the biased media remember the new President elect is from Chicago?!

Anonymous said...

They couldn't PAY me to be there when that turd is sworn in.

jkanders54 said...

I agree with all of the "Anonymous" comments. You'd have to pay me to watch this "turd"/imposter getting sworn in. This whole election has been a fraudulent scam and a conspiracy to get BO elected through undemocratic caucus results that have been falsified by Obama supporters. This imposter doesn't even meet the minimum qualifications to be president (natural born citizen) and if the MSM were doing their jobs, he would never have been elected. I still feel like I'm living in Bizarro Land - I can't even believe this all happened. I have been waiting for years to have Hillary sworn in as president and I will never support this imposter. I'm so disappointed with this website - that now appears to be supporting Obama.

Anonymous said...


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Irene said...

This blog represents what Hillary asked her supporters to do. We’re supposed to put the past behind us and move forward as she has done. I’m still working on it! This site helps me move forward because it reminds me of all Hillary’s accomplishments and awards, latest activities, etc. I will keep reading it!

Anonymous said...

You are your immaturity and stupidity.
He is NOT a turd, you immature imbecile. That is a VERY OFFENSIVE statement and you should be ashamed of yourself!

GROW UP and support your country, people.
Get over your anger and your sexism and act like AMERICANS!

Anonymous said...

Here, here!
Anyone who would still cry over Obama being President should GROW UP!!!!
It's OUR country that needs to be fixed after 8 years of Bush Bull-***t and if you can't get over your whining/crying/sexism/racism...then don't let the door hit you on the way out!

Anonymous said...

I realize that this is how the game is played but there is no way I would get on board.



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