Friday, January 9, 2009

Hillary's Final Senate Push - Women's Pay Fairness & Healthcare

From the Daily Record
Two bills promoting equal pay for women could end up being the final legislative achievement for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton while she awaits confirmation as secretary of state.

Clinton is re-introducing the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and the Paycheck Fairness Act, both of which failed to pass the Senate in the last Congress, according to spokesman Philippe Reines.

The two bills passed the House in the last Congress, but Democrats fell three votes short in the Senate of the 60 needed to overcome legislative roadblocks.

With a larger Democratic majority in the Senate this year, both bills could pass next week with Clinton casting her final -- or almost final -- votes as a senator.

The Senate also may pass health care legislation to expand coverage under the State Children's Health Insurance Program, which would give Clinton a chance to vote on another of her pet causes as her last hurrah as a lawmaker. That bill, which was vetoed by President George W. Bush, would extend government-financed health care services to 4 million low-income children who are not now covered.

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7 comments: said...

This would be a wonderful ending to her Senate career and great send off. I hope her senate mates support her effort. Go Hillary

Kristin said...

What an amazing Senator- and tireless defender for those who can't take the fight to the finish. She will be the best Secretary of State we have ever had, I believe.

ROACH said...

Hillary Clinton is the best woman/and person for any job in america. but...
you know. I've been thinking. Maybe trading a senate seat-which usually is a lifetime job- notables- claiborne pell, dick lugar, robert byrd, etc-
for secretary of state- dealing mostly with the eternal israel- palestinian "problem"- since biblical times-
may not be such a wise choice after all.
true- it would help with Hillary's foreign experience, but Now we will have a Caroline kennedy- peter king D vs R election, and that may not be like an ummm sure bet, you know?
I think that Mrs. clinton would be able to do more good here for the american People and the great state of NY, as a Junior senator, and then bide her time, and just do the best she can, rather tahn the thankless job of being the presidents "errand boy for a grocery clerk"( to quote col. Kurtz/Apocalypse now)
It will be great to watch the confirmation hearings, but I thingk with Senator clintons present committee seats, she can do more as a Senator going to trulbe spots, than as secretary of state. Look at Condoleeza rice, or Colin Powell- Its a ditry job( but I guess someone has to do it- for 4 or 8 years, or "serving at the pleasure of the President.
I think she should think again, and maybe reconsider-
Its a sure bet She can e Senator of NY for as long as she cares to, because there is no viable alternative, what with the Caroline Kennedy mixed reviews. I'm afraid that poor girl will crack under pressure of the media paparazzi, just like Britney spears lost it.
I may be wrong, but its worth thinking about.
thank you, and i've subscribed to your blog, to keep informed.

lincath9 said...

See why Hillary is my HERO? Thinking of improving women's lives to the very end. God Bless Her.

beth said...

"Thinking of improving women's lives to the very end."

This isn't an "end" imo - I suspect one of the main motivations for her in taking the Sec of State appointment it that it will allow her to advocate for women's rights/women's lives on an international stage.

Don't get me wrong, I think she could have had a huge impact as a long-term Senator. But this is a tremendous opportunity for someone with her vision.

Anonymous said...

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