Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Example of Hillary Clinton..

This is my first post so I would just like to remind everyone just how far we have come in the past year. We witnessed an historic presidential campaign, a historic race to the finish. It was that determination and that drive that sparked a nation. I have been a Hillary fan for many years but, what an honor it was to be elected as a Delegate to the Texas Democratic Convention for Hillary. What a thrilling moment it was for me to stand next to Chelsea and tell her that her mother was, "My Inspiration". It is that historic woman who will go down in history as the woman who paved the way for women in politics. She did play with the boys yet, held her own. She was not afraid to stand up for what she believes in and still to this day as our new Secretary of State is fighting for diplomacy around the world. She is working on rebuilding the reputation of this country and helping rebuild the bridges that were strained in the past few years. Hillary Clinton, is not just an ordinary woman. Hillary Clinton is living proof that you can live up to your God given potential. She reaches out to people no matter their race, religion, sexual orientation or nationality. With a new administration and a team that will serve him well President Obama is beginning to lead this country into a new direction. Change is coming and it is in the wind but, the credit does not go to just one man or one woman. But, to all of the voters who voiced your opinions regardless of your personal preference. We did unite as one strong voice. It is an honor to join this blog, and to be able to follow, report and keep people up to date on a woman that I look up to and admire. Hillary Clinton

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msakel said...

This is a great post that sums up what Hillary means to ALL people who truly care for diplomacy winning over "boys-still-in-the-playpen-with-real guns" mentality that has ruled U.S. policy that last ignominious decade.

You're right, Hillary is "still fighting for diplacy" now around the world. She's living proof of diplomacy being a motivating force that lifts above pettiness and divisiveness.
Hillary is a role model for all young girls aspiring to enter the "lions' den" (public service)these days. Hillary rises above, as Maya Angelou so aptly put it in a poem during the primary.

I also hope that the misogynist media fratboys and former members of the Obama campaign see the light and stop bashing girls and women that they view as a "threat" to the promotion of their own agenda.

All one has to see to realize how much we need women of Hillary's COURAGE and wisdom is to watch the despicable PETA Ad that was refused by NBC recently (the same team that vilified Hillary and Sarah Palin!) advertising....veggies! Incredible misogyny and a reason for the Fairness Act to become an ethical imperative for the Obama administration....

Great post and thanks for your words of wisdom on the true meaning of Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. (Her middle name I think is beautiful!)

Anonymous said...

GREAT POST!. It's wonderful to see the Hillary blogs all active again! Only if we all work together can we succeed...we have linked your blog to our site and look forward to reading more.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post......



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