Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hillary Hard At Work (Spain & Iran)

Hillary has hit the ground running talking to Spain Foreign Minister and reaching out to Iran.

Call me Hillary, Clinton tells Spanish foreign minister (read the article)

"We agreed to call each other Miguel and Hillary to ease communication and will now seek a moment to have a first meeting. We will study our agendas," he told reporters after a telephone conversation with Clinton.

"She demonstrated the desire to strengthen and intensify bilateral relations to the maximum," the minister said, adding their conversation was "short but extremely cordial and satisfactory".

Clinton urges Iran to show "willingness to engage" in talks (read the article)

"With respect to Iran, there is a clear opportunity for the Iranians, as the president expressed in his interview, to demonstrate some willingness to engage meaningfully with the international community," Clinton told reporters.

"Whether or not that hand becomes less clenched is really up to them. But as we look at the opportunities available to us, we're going to have a very broad survey of what we think we can do," Clinton said in her first news briefing.

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