Thursday, January 29, 2009

Obama's First Bill Gives Hillary Clinton Her Last Domestic Policy Victory

Clinton was an early champion for the cause of Lilly Ledbetter, who was paid less than her male colleagues at a Goodyear tire plant for nearly two decades, but had her court-awarded back pay slashed to just 180 days’ worth by the Supreme Court in 2007.

“Everybody in that room knew that she had been the leader on that bill,” said Ann Lewis, a close friend of Clinton’s who also attended. The measure failed the first time around, but Clinton reintroduced it during the campaign. (from the NYDaily)

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lincath9 said...

Yes, Hillary Clinton WAS the leader on this bill, long before Obama ever reached the Senate in Washington. But you never would have known it from the press coverage of his SIGNING of that bill -- you would have thought it was HIS idea, and that HE ALONE had written and promoted it to a vote in Congress. NO ACKNOWLEDGEMENT was given to Hillary on any of the news channels: MSNBC, FOX, CNN. What a travesty! Obama had himself surrounded by grinning plebes; I caught one glimpse of Hillary in a wide shot, several paces to the right. Obama swiped all the credit, all the glory, and naturally, Obama-like, he never had to do a single solitary thing to earn it!!! I WAS willing to give him a chance. But this did it! He used up his last chance with me and will get no more. He must prove himself from now on. He is selfish, greedy and rotten.

Anonymous said...

Great columns.....



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