Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hillary the Trailblazer & other updates

Glamour magazine has a great article about Hillary: Hillary The Trailblazer (Click To Read)

usy in the Senate: Senator Clinton held a conference call Tuesday calling for a comprehensive new stimulus package to jumpstart the ailing economy.

In a letter to President Bush and Senate leaders, Senator Clinton outlined a series of measures that would protect those Americans hit hardest by the recession and put the nation on the road to recovery, including: extending unemployment insurance benefits, providing assistance to financially strapped cities and states to prevent cuts to critical services, and investments in infrastructure and alternative energy projects that could quickly provide hundreds of thousands of new jobs while laying the foundation for future economic expansion.

Today in Albany, Senator Clinton also called for a new national commitment to revitalizing the nation's infrastructure and expanding and improving mass transit systems. Delivering remarks at the New York State Public Transit Industry Fall Conference, Senator Clinton urged support for a sweeping new plan to improve existing transit systems, expand public transportation to areas that currently have limited access, and overhaul the process by which public transit is planned and financed.

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