Monday, November 3, 2008

3 Things You Can Do On Election Day

1. Join HillPac and Help Get Democrats Elected
Here are some Democrats that need your help
You can find more Democrats that need your help on HillPac

2. Vote No On Prop 8

Article About Prop 8 in the Economist

3. Vote For Education
, Join the Campaign for Education.

Are You Smarter Than An 8th Grader? Test your knowledge in Math and Science against 8th graders throughout the world and learn how you can support education.



HiLLGAL2008 said...

She has to be on something to think she still has supporters. She may have a few, but, for the most part we are done..and voting mccain. we begged her not to lay down with this radical racist and she ignored us, now we are voting for Senator McCain and she is over...we stood behind her, she did not stand behind us..

beth said...

Seriously? If you think you're in the majority among her supporters (current or not), it's not Hillary that needs addiction counseling.

Go Hill! Go Dems! Go Barack!

Lauren M said...

I still respect and care about Hillary, but I too... will not vote for Obama. McCain has never had to explain away his personal use of drugs, his spiritual leader of 20 years (who hates America and white people), his position on being friends with known terrorist and he didn't write a book on hating white people and how they are "typical". I just don't get it..... Bush must have really done a number on this country, to make people think Obama is better than any republican.

This is a sad time in all of our lives. Remember, over half of this country cheered when OJ got off..... not that I'm comparing, but it did touch everyone in this country's life. Everyone heard of the case and just about everyone knew when the verdict was announced...... and many nasty, ugly people thought it was cool that he got off. They didn't think he was innocent, they just liked that he wasn't charged. A lot of them now realize, what a mistake..... I hope next year, we are not feeling the same way.

Anonymous said...

In May and June and July and August and September and October I said that I would remember in November. Now it is November, and I REMEMBER!!! I will vote for McCain today, but I will be back for Hillary if she runs in 2012.

PUMA 08!

beth said...

YOu know, I do really want to believe that people's opposition to Obama has nothing to do with race.

But when people start bringing up things like OJ SIMPSON, they make it next to impossible to do so.

Once this is over I hope you take a long hard look at yourself.

Lauren M said...

Beth, how do you know I'm not black or married to a black person..... you are so far off and your an idiot and that has nothing to do with race.

beth said...

I don't. I can't see you.

I can see what you posted, though. And so can everyone else.

Anonymous said...

You know what Beth, I"m with you. I still see hatred and even disdain for Hillary.
hillgal2008, I can not believe you are referring to PRESIDENT OBAMA as "this radical racist".
Is it sexism or racism which propels your hate...or both?

Obama will be OUR President...yours, mine, and Hillary's.
Get over it and start acting like an adult...and an America.
A Very Happy Camper