Tuesday, November 18, 2008

5 Things You Can Do While We Wait For The Hillary Secretary Of State Announcement

While we wait to hear if Hillary will be Secretary of State, which I personally think it's hers if she wants it.

In the meantime here are 5 things you can do while you wait

1- Join 7 Weeks To Equality - Help promote equality
2- Support Terry McAuliffe for Virginia Governor
3- Buy the Hillary DVD ( it will be a collectors item)
4- Join our Facebook
5- Vote for us in the 2008 Weblog Awards

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Anonymous said...

A great lady Hillary is, a true statesman but in my humble opinion, to great to be Sec. of State under Obama, she can do her country much more good in the Senate and begin her campaigning for President in 2010. Yes YOU CAN!!

Sherri said...

Although I feel she would be great, I would rather have her in the senate where she can do more for the People!

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous,Hillary should remain in the Senate and not be under the control of Obama.I also hope that she will begin campaigning for President in 2010.I cannot see her in any other office other thatn President of the United States.