Sunday, November 9, 2008

Here is your chance to support Hillary & Healthcare

Hillary was recently denied an opportunity to head up a sub-committee
From the Washington Post
"Ailing Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) apparently has rebuffed a bold bid by Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) to take over health care policy in the Senate when the new Congress convenes in January.

Sources tell the Sleuth Clinton had approached Kennedy, who chairs the Senate health committee, and Democratic leaders about creating a new special health care subcommittee, one she would chair.

Her hope was to draft the legislation that would fulfill her presidential campaign promise - and President-elect Barack Obama's - for a sweeping health care overhaul plan."

Head over to The Washington Post and the NY Post and leave a comment about how you feel about this

You can also message Senator Kennedy and let him know that you support Hillary and that you would like to see Hillary play a role in helping to reform the Healthcare system.


beth said...

Ted, I love you but PLEASE, if you're not going to give her your Committee chair, at least give Hill the sub!

And not just for her sake, either. We desperately need health care reform.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't this surprise me??? It truly angers me beyond words..Hillary was good enough to go out and campaign for Obama...put in long hours, etc...and, gets him into that White House and look where it got her....pure and just disgusts me...say what you want...but, Obama and all that supported him..used's really sad!!

Anonymous said...

I think it would be more to our benefit if we send a message to Senator Kennedy.I did.

Hopefully my voice would make a difference.

Anonymous said...

It won't make any difference. I've e-mailed Ted Kennedy before. He just ignores everything but his own (sinister) agenda. Dick Durbin as well. The NEW DEMOCRATS are using Obama to obliterate the Clintons. They should be ashamed, but instead they are just as self absorbed and ruthless as the Neoconservaties.

Anonymous said...

I don't perceive it as bold. She's straightforward in her effort to deliver one of the promises their party repeatedly made to America on their bid for the White House.

Metsarama said...

I think Obama will prefer Howard Dean, who made it possible for him to be selected as Democratic candidate and then president. Sorry to say this, but I also think that Obama has used Hillary. By the way, did he pay her debt already?

A said...

Let's focus on the future and all message Ted Kennedy and let him know how we feel about Hillary.

Sherri said...

It disqusts me how the dem party treats Hillary. She is far more loyal than she should be. I wish she would go Independent!

Anonymous said...

I like Hillary's plan better. I do not think anyone is using her. She is a very smart and caring person. She helps because she wants to help. Hopefully, we can make these representatives listen to us. If they won't then we need to vote them O U T !!

beth said...

I suspect (and fear) that this is as much about Ted's ego as anything else: I think he'd love nothing more than to have major healthcare reform be his swansong in the Senate, and he wants his name on it.

I think pressure from his Senate colleagues might be more effective than pressure from outside the Senate. It might be worth writing to your own Senator (assuming you live outside Mass), or Harry Reid.