Friday, November 14, 2008

Hillary for Secretary of State?

That is the big rumor of the moment.
"President-elect Barack Obama has met in Chicago with Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is under consideration for secretary of state." (Associated Press)

Personally I would like her to stay in the Senate, there is more leadership opportunities where she can lead on the issues that she pushed for during her campaign.

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Anonymous said...

I hope she stays in the Senate as well but to help/lead with getting some kind of TRULY universal healthcare plan passed. This should have been done decades ago. Thank you.

Anonymous said... post above was in reference to a prior post that was here a minute ago...but now has disappeared. I agree with the original post!!!

Anonymous said...

She would make a great Sec. of state and put to rest a lot of fear of Obama's lack of experience however I think she can do more good in the senate.

seasonedcook said...

I agree with most of you, she should stay in the senate, but the best one for her would be the leader of the Senate of only Reid would step down...There is where she could do the most good of all....Sec of St would be an awesome job for her...
But I am selfish, I want her to build herself up to be president...And Majority leader of the Senate would
bring more changes for health care,
and other agenda that is important right now for our country....

beth said...

I think it's a toss-up in terms of which would set her up better for another run at the Presidency.

In either role, she's in a position to have a major impact, but if she's in the Senate and health care reform gets stalled (because of the economy, because they can't put together a proposal that keeps enough people happy), for example, it would reflect badly on her in an election. I'm not saying that's fair, or right, but it would happen.

OTOH, as Secretary of STate, she's far more beholden to someone else's agenda, and that might not be something she wants to settle for.