Monday, March 30, 2009

Video: Excerpt: Secretary Clinton at TecMilenio University

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Jonathan Graham said...

Talking about practicing generosity, patience, and non-violence is good. Talking about developing an attitude of cooperation and forgiveness is good.

Talking about peace-making, disarmament, and apologizing for using nuclear weapons is good. Talking about developing a perspective of non-duality with compassion and a sense of humor is good.

Ego-clinging is the problem.

Talking about meditation is good, but actually meditating is better.

If sitting practice were made popular throughout the world by movie stars and other people in the media, many of the problems of this world, including violence and war, would disappear overnight.

Here is your chance to do something new with the media: make sitting practice popular.

See and then search for the videos of Mipham on for starters. Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche is a good person to work with to teach beginning sitting practice.

Yes, sitting practice is the cure for many problems. Most people are running around, doing things in anger and with other negative emotions. They are completely unaware of watching their thoughts. They don't realize how much better it would be to relax and meditate instead.

Most people don't even know how to meditate. Until they try sitting practice, they can't even begin to tame their own minds.

If you would like to win the Nobel prize for peace, this is the way to do it. This is actually the way to make peace in the world.

See also the Tibetan Lamas section of my website:

Anonymous said...

Good comments.....



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