Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Like A Rock Star

It has been awhile since my last post but, it amazes me that every where that she goes Hillary Clinton gets the rock star greeting!! Across the world she is improving our relations with other countries while still remaining firm on our stance on the issues that matter to Americans. This post will be brief but, it reminds me of the campaign days packed with meetings and press conferences. The world can not seem to get enough of Hillary Clinton. I wish you all the best in these troubled times!!


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msakel said...

Like a ROCK! Hillary's voice sounds strong and forceful and has never failed to be heard. She's not so much a Rock Star as a ROCK herself. Nothing will move this competent, strong and intelligently compassionate woman from accomplishing what she set out to do decades ago. To improve the lives of women all over the world--and, in the process, start a dialogue that will put a stop to the barbaric practice of war and the abuse of women's rights which are HUMAN RIGHTS!

Thank you, our Rock Lady and icon of women's empowerment! God be with you and your family always!

Anonymous said...

more like a traitor than anything going to work for nobama knowing what he is i dont care what letter is buy your name country over party we are in deep trouble with this fraud ......

Anonymous said...

I did not want Hillary to join Obama but I did not want her to take her ball and go home. That is what 6 yr olds do. I had to put my trust in her. Watching her now, I know, and I am sure the rest of the world knows given her reception, no matter that she presents herself as representing the administration she is her own person. Watching Obama, we know that he has no idea how to deal with the current economy. The only positive in his administration is foreign policy. No matter how much the MSM favors him, there is no hiding the fact that Hillary is in control overseas. She is positioning herself at the same time showing the intelligent face of America. I have no doubt that she will prevail while Obama goes down with his change.
Thank you Hillary. We stuck by you before and we will continue to support you as you support us.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, our Rock Lady and icon of women's empowerment!



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