Monday, March 16, 2009

Meghan McCain & The Republican Youth

The Republican Party is so out of touch with the youth. They are a party of old ideas, they don't understand and relate to the youth and out of touch when it comes to technology.

The youth of today are educated, aware, value people's ability to make their own life choices, with a global perspective on life. They are less likely to discriminate and they honor equality.

This has put many young republicans in odd situations. One being Meghan McCain who doesn't completely agree with the old ideals of the party. She supports gay rights, stem cell research, fighting to stop global warming and recently spoke out against Ann Coulter for her extreme views.

Meghan on Rachel Maddow

So what does Meghan get for speaking out about what's wrong with the Republican Party? She gets criticized for being overweight by Republicans. (link)

I personally hope that Meghan is successful in her campaign to speak out against the more extreme conservatism and people like Ann Coulter & Rush Limbaugh. Pundits like Ann Coulter don't help the conversation, they only help drive a divide between people.

Check out her blog at

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Anonymous said...

The Conservatives once again show us what an ugly bunch of LOW-LIFES they are.
They don't care about their party and are willing to "eat their young", so to speak.
They only care about spreading their bigotry, hatred, and odious bitterness towards ANYONE who dares to speak up against their nastiness!

THEY are the ones who should be stopped, stiffled, and censored.
You go, Megan...and don't back off!

kmorrison said...

As a McCain supporter it's fun to see Meagan McCain show that same spark that her father has in a new and fresh way.

Vince said...

Good comments.....



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