Friday, March 20, 2009

Hillary Pushing Forward Without Full Staff

Hillary Clinton faces several more months without a full roster of staff as the State Department pushes ahead with an ambitious overhaul of U.S. foreign policy, including stepping up engagement with longtime adversaries such as Iran, Syria and Russia.

For the moment, Secretary of State Clinton is relying on special advisers, as well as lower-ranking career officials who don't require Senate confirmation. (more at WSJ)

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dot48 said...

Just found your blog today. Thank you for a wonderful site for Hillary. Looking at her standing in front of the SOS seal pains me to know that in reality she is the people's choice for 44. She should be standing in front of the Presidential seal, not the fraud we have now.

msakel said...

Hillary had the substance, maturity, intelligence, experience and compassion to be the President. And she did get more of the popular vote than Barack. This is not disputed. However, the caucuses were fraudulent and she was pushed off the primary ring prematurely and her delegates stolen and unaccounted for--thanks to the manipulations of Ms Pelosi and Messr. Reid and Dr. Dean. Of course, the media misogynist "leg thrillers" like the histrionic Mr. Chris Matthews and the bombastic homicidal Mr. Olbermann played a significant role in vilifying Hillary to promote her inexperienced, immature and "not ready for prime time" opponent who had the blessings of Wall Street, Soros, and the Big Bucks Boys' Club.

"Periodically, the Prez will feel down and start launching attacks on (fill in vulnerable community members here) to boost his appeal.".... And his "claws will start comin' out"....What a fiasco!

Thank you for a wonderful picture of the Real Global President--of our hearts forever!....Hillary!

Jonathan Graham said...

I am happy that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Barak Obama are in power now. We have excellent people in charge of our national affairs, and I am confident they will do a great job for all of us.

I enjoy reading about them in the newspapers and watching them on the net and on TV. They are on the right track.

We couldn't ask for better people to meditate, study, and work for us.

Thanks, Hillary. You are a good person and good at what you do. We love you and support you.

Jonathan Graham said...

Barack (My computer can't spell.)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful site.....



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