Monday, December 1, 2008

Hillary Officially Secretary of State

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Anonymous said...

IM glad the good people are joining forces THAT is a good example for all

Lori McMaster said...

I am so relieved and happy that Hillary Clinton excepted this job. She is the right person to do it and although I have resisted Obama Elect and am still outraged at what happened this election season; the people he chose on his econmic and forgien team are the best, so I congradulate Hillary Clinton and will stand behind our adminstration. We cannot show the world that we are divided. We must show world we are strong and commited. For allot of us we have allot of work to do on campaign reform. Ending caucus's, campange finance only and end the media bias, sexism and mysogany everytime it rears is ugly head. Secretary Clinton will be a strong force.
Lori L McMaster

Anonymous said...

Go Hillary!!

She will make an amazing Secretary of State.

Rockin Robin said...

I agree with Lori. And I might add that I'm inspired by Hillary's grace.

Someone showed me an art piece of McCain and Obama locking lips. It made me laugh but at the same time I really get that, for the most part, all these politicians remain friends and allies in Washington.

Hillary will do a great job but as Lori says, now its time to work on sexism and media bias. As long as we deny this, we will not progress.

Anonymous said...

I do not know how many of those reading this blog sent a letter to their senators requesting an examination of concerns that Obama is not a legal citizen and therefore not a legitimate president-elect, but the response that I received from FL's senator that the citizens of the US vetted Obama and decided that he is qualified does not hold water with me and shows that they just expect to appease us with the bone they threw to Hillary as Secy of State. They expect us to be good citizens and overlook the illegal activity of our government. I for one will continue to probe until the reasonable request that Obama present a legal, authenticated birth certificate is met and until that time, he is not MY president no matter what he has given to Hillary supporters to quash our questions. Al Gore gave in too soon and see where that left the country.
Lee M. Myszak
Sarasota, FL

Anonymous said...

The best person for such a prominent position.No one would have been a better choice!


I belive Hillary will a great secretary of state,but I'm sorry ladies I think its a bone for all the graveling she did for his campaign.
I guess you can't satisfy everyone.

Chris T. said...

I am so happy! I love this woman! She is absolutely amazing.

This will keep her in the spotlight, a great job to keep her ability at helping and serving our country, and I get to see her on TV.

She is such an inspiration.

I am not happy with the primaries and how her, or Pres. Clinton was treated but I am really excited she took this position and she is so graceful!


Anonymous said...

I am pleased for Hillary to have a chance to show the world -- and this country! -- what she is about and what she can accomplish. You and I know it, but now there will be no doubt, and no opportunity for the naysayers to criticize. Her accomplishments will be considerable in this new, visible position. Like others, I am not over the "dirty politics" of the primary, have not fully forgiven Obama for his part in that, and do not completely trust him as a result. I agree we -- especially we women -- must continue to work against misogyny at all levels of the workplace. I intend to become very active in my community in that regard. Idaho has a DISMAL record on women's rights, including equal pay (now 60% vs. men's).

sad said...

I agree with Lori and Lee both.
Hillary Clinton will make the world a better place. I would love to be a fly on the wall in those heated debates in the oval office.

My letters to officials to check out Obama's certificate are falling on deaf ears and ridiculous responses not addressing the question. It is unbelievable what this guy is getting away with, fooling the nation, mockery of our nation's principles. So very sad.
I hope those with power can keep up their efforts to get the birth certificate thing resolved once and for all. Anyone have any updates on any of the lawsuits I have lost connections of where to find out. Please post a site, thanks. In the meantime, you go Hillary. I feel a lot safer now.

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton is a very excallent statesman of America.
I hope that Obama and Hillari do
good works for the whole world people.