Thursday, December 4, 2008

Conservative Group Attacks Hillary

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beth said...

Tomorrow's headlines: "Water is Wet"

lol. the question was never "will the wingnuts attack Hillary" but "what's will their excuse be this time"

A said...

the last deletion was a total accident. :(

beth said...

No worries - I just figured my comment came off as a slap at Hill somehow, which is why I added the explanation :)

It kills me how the media outlets are covering this - they headline "HIllary nomination unconstitutional" but don't get to the fact that a) there's an easy remedy and thus b) both Nixon and Hill's Hubby used that remedy to appoint sitting Senators to their cabinets.

It's as if they're trying so hard to avoid "liberal bias" tag that they're afraid to challenge the factuality of bs like this.