Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Supporters Look To Hillary In 2016

A Washington Post-ABC News poll in January found that 67 percent of Americans held a favorable view of Clinton. That’s her highest rating since the poll began measuring her popularity in the 1990s. It includes her eight years in the Senate.

“It’s hard to overstate the breadth and depth of enthusiasm for a Hillary run,” said Doug Hattaway, a former Clinton campaign aide and now a Washington-based consultant. She built a national base of supporters in 2008, when she lost a hard-fought nomination fight to Barack Obama, and she’s widely respected after heading the State Department, Hattaway said.

“A lot of donors, volunteers and potential campaign workers will wait to hear what she decides before committing to other candidates,” he said, although “anyone with their eye on 2016 is already working on it.” (read more)

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Vivek Ranjan Nema said...
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Tommy Gilchrist said...

I've been saying the same thing over on my own blog ( - that the numbers are stacking up considerably in Hillary's favour and no other Democrat is coming close to challenging her. Biden is on 11% for Pete's sake!

More interesting is who the GOP will eventually pick to run against her..

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton is just another self centered power hungry politician devoid of morals and hippocritial in her actions. She would best serve our country by simply fading into obscurity. JC

Anonymous said...

INTEGRITY? Come on America Biden would is the best aloof.

Stanley Workman said...

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