Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hillary leads both Scott Walker and Paul Ryan in their home state of Wisconsin & James Carville on Hillary

 New Poll: Hillary.."leads both Scott Walker and Paul Ryan in their home state of Wisconsin" via 

Carville on Hillary --" “I mean, if — I just go around the country and if there’s a Democrat that does not want her to run, I have not met them. Now she is her own person and seems perfectly willing to resist that kind of pressure, but in terms of encouragement, I don’t think there’s ever been anybody that is a prohibitive front-runner for a party’s nomination as former Secretary of State Clinton is right now. You can feel it out there wherever I go and whenever people talk to me, it’s the same thing.” (Watch The video)

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Anonymous said...

I am now an independent having left the party in 08 after a lifetime of support. I have supported Hillary Clinton even traveling from FL to DC to see that she was not cheated out of the primary nomination. But I see what has become of this once great company and will not support anyone who drags it further into the ditch. I am well aware that a person needs to get elected before they can possibly make a difference. But a person must still remain true to their core. When Hillary came out in support of same sex marriage, I realized she knows little about love, marriage, decency and raising children. I cannot express my disappointment since I had believed her to be a true woman not someone trying to compete as a man. If the Republican party gives up its values to cower to the liberal view of the nation, I am afraid that even then I cannot support Mrs. Clinton. I gave up my right to vote in FL primaries because I could no longer stomach the democratic party and I suppose that for the first time in my adult life, I would not vote in 2016.

Anonymous said...

Crawl into a hole you hate monger!