Monday, December 14, 2009

President Obama gives himself B+. What would you grade him?

President Obama gives himself B+ on Oprah Interview. What grade would you give him?
President talking about the grade he would give himself

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vikinggirl said...

I'd give him a d- - the only good thing he did was appoint Hillary as SOS and is the only reason he doesn't get an F

Anonymous said...

i'd give him an F for fraud. so far he's lied about everything.

Anonymous said...

I'd have to give him a C-. He hasn't really accomplished anything. I think he is a good man who means well, but he is way in over his head in the number one job. People wanted a man with absolutely no experience, who never took a stand on any issue, so this is what they have. I don't hope that he is a failure in the office, but it's not looking good. Yes, I know I wanted Hillary in the top spot, but I tried to support the president as much as I possibly could. We'll see if he can turn it around.

Anonymous said...

I would give him an F+. The only good thing he did was appoint Hillary as Sec of State. He is in way over his head. He does not know what he is doing. God save our country.

Anonymous said...


He's trying to do mostly the right things (except giving that loser Clinton any decent position whatsoever, much less Secretary of State), but he's taking on too many things at once so they are all moving slowly.

LibertyCampaign said...

I would give Obama a c-. His idea of change (more of the same). is gonna bankrupt this nation. He said he was going to end the war, and he only moved it next door. He said he was going to help main street, and he's helping wallstreet. He said that he was going to stimulate our economy, and then drives up a higher deficit to further bankrupt America. I still don't see a Hydrogen highway on I-95. I don't see a plan to improve mass transit. And I don't see permanent job growth. I see the average Joe getting the shaft by yet another sweet-talking "mock" representative.

Anonymous said...

I would give him a G..haha
Ok..F- and for the reasons the other's said..ONLY because he appointed Hillary as SoS..He is a joke and has done nothing he said he would. I WISH Hillary would run in '12...she says NO, but I think she might. Either way..this guy is OUT. He's a liar.