Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Anyone watch Sarah Palin on Oprah? Check out the audio

Here are some clips from the Oprah Interview
Sarah Palin on Levi Johnson
Sarah Palin disappointed in Levi Johnston sound bite Sarah Palin sound bites

Sarah Palin on having Thanksgiving with Levi Johnston sound bite Oprah Winfrey sound bites

Sarah Palin talks about her Interview with Katie Couric
Sarah Palin talks about her campaign interview with Katie Couric sound bite Oprah Winfrey sound bites

You can catch more of the interview here

Incase you missed it, recently Hillary commented about having coffee with Sarah Palin

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1 comment:

NJM said...

I saw the Palin interview on Oprah and thought it was awesome. Palin has class and a sincere love for this country like Hillary. I would love to be included in "Hill having coffee with Sarah". What an amazing interview that would be! Interesting that all the "frat-political" boys are scared to death of Palin and her possible power but not Hillary. Yay Hillary!