Monday, August 24, 2009

The Revolution That Is Hillary Clinton

If you have not read the latest Washington Post article on Hillary, please do so, its pretty amazing. Here is an excerpt

Amid all the distractions, what is Clinton actually doing? Only overseeing what may be the most profound changes in U.S. foreign policy in two decades -- a transformation that may render the presidencies of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush mere side notes in a long transition to a meaningful post-Cold War worldview.

The secretary has quietly begun rethinking the very nature of diplomacy and translating that vision into a revitalized State Department, one that approaches U.S. allies and rivals in ways that challenge long-held traditions. And despite the pessimists who invoked the "team of rivals" cliche to predict that President Obama and Clinton would not get along, Hillary has defined a role for herself in the Obamaverse: often bad cop to his good cop, spine stiffener when it comes to tough adversaries and nurturer of new strategies. Recognizing that the 3 a.m. phone calls are going to the White House, she is instead tackling the tough questions that, since the end of the Cold War, have kept America's leaders awake all night.....

....Nevertheless, there is evidence that, seven months into the job, Obama's unlikely secretary of state is supporting and augmenting his agenda effectively. Not as Obama's "other wife," not as Bill Clinton's wife, not even as a celebrity or as a former presidential candidate -- but in a new role of her own making.

You can read the rest here

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Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton is a Pioneer who understands she is proposing a radical worldview--putting value on girls and women's lives--for the betterment of her own country as well as for third world countries.

Giving a voice to the Voiceless miseries of girls and women gang-raped lying crippled in hospital beds in the Congo, spending more time with these victims than with even officials....she says:

"This feeds my heart"....and a really big heart and huge intelligence this woman has plenty of.
Bravo, Hillary!


Still4Hill said...

I love the way she speaks about her heart. She has perhaps the finest mind I have ever encountered, but at the center of everything is that beautiful, soft heart. You can have a genius intellect, but if you do not have the heart to use it to serve others, it benefits nothing. I love her forever.

LoveAmerica said...

Go Hillary!

Anonymous said...

Hilary Clinton is the outstanding SOS we knew she would be and more. Her openess and desisive views on women's issues and the other world issues that have been ignored are outstanding and is what the U.S. is about.

I love her reaction to that question asked by a student which,to me,showed how she speaks her mind and it is refreshing!

...She is showing us and the world what a open and clear leader she is and it always comes down to all peopl's best interests.

I love Hillary and so, it seems many others in this country and other countries ........she makes us proud to be americans.

We are always ready to stand behind her.


deena said...

I don't know what to think of Hillary anymore. She needs to stand on her own feet and be the Secretary of State we were hoping for. The Obama administration is making a huge mistake in Central America and she is letting it happen.