Saturday, May 2, 2009

100 Days of Hillary

One hundred days of Hillary: State Department trumpets Clinton's achievements
By MATTHEW LEE , Associated Press

WASHINGTON - Friday marks Hillary Rodham Clinton's 100th day as the top U.S. diplomat and the State Department is commemorating the occasion with a 13-page list praising what it considers her early achievements.

The lengthy document posted on the department's Web site this week extols the secretary of state's hectic travel abroad and the appointments of four high-profile special envoys to deal with trouble spots and climate change.

The assessment says "early and significant progress" has already been achieved in Afghanistan-Pakistan policy, the Middle East, Iraq, Asia, Russia, North Korea, Latin America, climate change and public diplomacy through the use of new media.

Compiled by the department's public affairs staff with help from the State's regional and other bureaus, the document notes that the Obama administration "inherited a gathering global storm: riots, protests, long lines of unemployed and increasingly desperate people around the world."

Even in her first 100 days, the document contends, "Secretary Clinton and the State Department have made significant progress in advancing America's national security goals and promoting America's values around the world."

"We must seize this moment to advance and begin to deliver on a positive global agenda," the State document concludes.

The report then goes on to add that Clinton and her team have done exactly that. (from the LATimes)

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Anonymous said...

I'm a Japanese man, but I have been given a training of a flower arrangement with my wife at the MOA International.
Our instructor has been visiting once a week to American Embassy in Tokyo,Japan for 16 years to arrange the flowers for American ambassador and other stuffs.
When Hillary Clington visited Japan,our instructor arranged the flower for her.
Flowers have the power to heal
our mind.
I pray that Hillary Clinton will contribute to the peace of the whole world.

Anonymous said...

just like nobama a pretty nothimg 100 days i am ashamed i donated and voted for her after the way she turned on me she knows what nobama is and she went to work for that arrogant empty suit anyway never again would i vote for her country before party and she put party over country

Lori McMaster said...

Anonymous said...
just like nobama a pretty nothimg 100 days i am ashamed i donated and voted for her after the way she turned on me she knows what nobama is and she went to work for that arrogant empty suit anyway never again would i vote for her country before party and she put party over country

May 3, 2009 6:28 PM

You spend allot of time on here putting Secretary Clinton down. As far as I am concerned is that anyone that cannot even show themselves by name is nothing but a chicken-shit! Secretary Clinton has done mile stones and if you cannot see this then you are a fool. When we marched at the Convention there was a truck and on the back the truck it said" we are not bitter, we are better". Well my dear you clearly are not better and was not part of this. Clearly you are bitter! congradulations Secretary Clinton
Lori McMaster

Anonymous said...


But I am still wondering how much better the world would be if, instead of a Wall Street Ventriloquist's Dummy for President, we had Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton as leader of this increasingly violent, misogynist world with scarce resources...

Barack Hussein O visited foreign dignitaries and embarrassed Himself fully--bowing to a Saudi almost kissing the floor, clueless as to protocol and dignity. Keeping silent while Ortega gave a one hour atrocious American-bashing speech. Smiling, shuckin' and jivin' with the other moron Chavez (his marbles twin) and ingratiating himself miserably. And, worse of all lying like a public school dropout! Remember when Barry said "I believe in Diplomacy and Development--not Military solutions"? He uttered this lie of the century while being interviewed by Peter Mansbridge of the CBC the day before his visit to Ottawas (which he called "Iowa"!). Why was it a lie? Because the night before he signed off for the depoloyment of 20,000 troops to Afganistan to CONTINUTE THE WAR!

We should be used to it by now as the 'bought by Barack bankrollers' media are giving this Chicago political sewer grad a free pass. Having cheated the caucuses in his inimitable 'Beat Sen. Alice Palmer' Chicago style, and having used his campaign sexist attack dogs on Hillary throughout (she got more votes than he did during the Primary!) this insignificant but for his symbolic value narcissistic ego 'WON'!

Periodically, Barack feels down and starts launching attacks against women to boost his appeal...

Don't delude yourselves. Barack is a clueless misogynist who gets his inspiration from JayZ rapper and flip-offing on stage in his cool thuggish (moronic) style his political opponents.

What a farce! The Wall Street Ventriloquist's Dummy the Leader of the Free World. Barack's just the other side of the Bush coin of incompetence, cluelessness and undercover sexism.

P.S. Watch on Youtube BARACK GETTING HIS NERVOUS NELLIE MOMENTS ON THE VIEW!!!! It'll show you just how uncomfortable this sexist zero is with women!
DISSENTING JUSTICE has a good column on this idiot's chumminess with Geithner's ruling class...


Anonymous said...

Mary, you're full of it!
The President is NOT sexist. If you think that, then you are really delusional.
"misogynist"? Get real.
Your post is so full of sh* have NO CLUE about anything.

Uncle Rushie and Cousin Sean Hannity are calling.
Go suck at the right-winger's teat because the GOP kool-aid is obviously too weak for you!

Anonymous said...

Hey, "anonymous" #2....did you have to call yourself "Mary" in order to post more of your stupid caca!?

Anonymous said...

Good reporting....



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